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The Writer Who Can’t Go Anywhere Now!

Remote Freelance Writer in Enforced House Arrest Going for a Song or a Tune.

I portrayed myself in the past as

    “The Writer Who Goes Where Others Don’t.”

I used my writing as an adjunct to my Project Management and travelled the world writing for many companies as a Consultant for their Business Development, Sales and Marketing.

With the advent of Corona Covid -19 I can’t travel anywhere. I’m stuck at home by government diktat.

The digital age will really expand now.

Is this virus going to wake up most companies to the future?

Will you slash your office costs and keep a virtual workforce?

This will be the final awakening for many businesses and yes, even those small local stores that have been devastated by the likes of Amazon.

Local Communities formed from now into groups on social media and offering local deliveries will get more creative and regain some of that loyalty that they had lost to the out of town stores. It may be the start of a fightback as community spirit takes over.

High Streets may make a comeback as different businesses rise from the ashes of the virus and move into the digital age along with the advent of 5G.

We know that there will be a creative fightback as the world recovers from the virus, but business will not be the same ever again as people learn the lessons of the lockdown.

          Will your business learn the lessons of the Lockdown?

More of us with writing and marketing skills will be needed in future even for the average mom and pop store as they will need to bring customers to their websites, for their delivery boys and girls, or whatever new plan they devise.

Imagine if all those high-rise office blocks were no longer needed for office space and were turned into apartments. That could solve the homelessness crisis at a stroke and create fully wired communities of writers.

I’ve worked globally for 20 years and I’ve managed huge projects and budgets.

I write with emotion about people and places and have a love of diversity and cultural issues. I’ve developed teams of over 500 people in the remotest places. That experience gave me a sympathetic and humble regard for what makes people ‘tick.’

I would dearly love to write for your business, for Direct Response, Short Case Studies, Marketing Content, Your Business Story, Emails or indeed anything in either B2B or B2C.

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As for going for ‘the song and tune’, my time in Asia has given me a love of Karaoke and of Honkin’ my Blues Harp in any band that will give me a cameo slot. Those, I’ll throw in for free. When this crisis is over I’ll even come to your office and perform if you invest in my services over the lockdown.

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If the prospect of my singing and harmonica playing doesn’t excite you I’ll send you one of my novels to while away the hours and take you to some of those people and places I write about. (Click on my Books page above)

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