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I also write Sales Copy Marketing Content for Businesses.

I’m Free Again

No that doesn’t mean my fees, but my services are still going for a song or a tune now that we are allowed to roam free again.

I write for your business to increase sales, to market your ideas with my creativity.

I am the Freelance Remote Writer who travels.

I write content for your website.

The best Blog or article Writer from afar & by far.

I bring your business stories to life.

I am extremely POSITIVE about the new normal.

The digital age means that we can all work from anywhere.

Personal Service by visit or on-line.

I can still sing you a song either in person or in my words.

As a Honkin’ Blues Harp Player I’ll howl for you.

Maybe you’d prefer one of my books free as a bonus though.

Brian George plays harmonica

Free Offer

As for going for ‘the song and tune’, my time in Asia has given me a love of Karaoke and of Honkin’ my Blues Harp in any band that will give me a cameo slot. Those, I’ll throw in for free. When this crisis is over I’ll even come to your office and perform if you invest in my services over the lockdown.

Free Books

If the prospect of my singing and harmonica playing doesn’t excite you I’ll send you one of my novels to while away the hours and take you to some of those people and places I write about. (Click on my Books page above)
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Mobile Phone : 0044 7802 701 217

email me for Business soulwriters@btinternet.com

or For Books bgt87@btinternet.com