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Lisa De
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This is a fun, fast paceds and action packed story that will keep the pages turning. It's a fast read and keeps your attention.
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This book is surely up for grabs! Brian George is Amazing..!! His story line is vibrant and the characters are sleek but full of power!
Amazon readersVarious
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FazzierOnlineBookClub Official Review
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Face and Justice is an aptly executed crime and murder story written by Brian George. It is the first book of the Dream Team Adventures series and follows the lives of some baby boomers, Barry being the main focus. Following a heartbreaking divorce and an induced demise of his business, Barry decides to leave Britain for Saudi Arabia to strategize on revenge for some merchant banks....
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Face and Justice is a perfect thriller novel that will take its readers on an unforgettable, thrilling, compelling journey in which the reader won’t be able to resist falling in love with this incredible story. The reader in Face and Justice will feel compelled to read very early on book thanks to the novel’s wonderful author, Brian George; his talented words will keep his readers turning the pages with haste....
Isaac HReview on
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I really enjoyed this book. The author has a way of keeping his readers engrossed. I mostly liked the narrative approach he gave it. He exquisitely alternates between the first and second person perspectives to come up with a crime mystery hard to put down. With characters introduced in the right instances and their emotions aptly captured, I couldn't help but be emotionally attached to most of them. One of the best novels I've read this year!

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