Content Writing samples by Brian George

A few examples of my Business Blog/Article writing…

Worse than a virus, the rapists rampage continues.

Article written for Health & Lifestyle magazine

How Will The Coronavirus Hit The Economies of The World in the Future?

Article written for Health & Lifestyle magazine

Better wheels with rental deals?

A new car seduces you, the allure of that "new-car-smell" when you first open the door and sit in it. It's that clean, unused freshness that gets you. It's that glamour and magnetism that makes you want it...

Car leasing - the GREEN option

Older cars are no good for the environment. Older cars are less reliable - they can break down at any time. Older cars are more expensive to run.

Exploding the myths around credit scores

At Wheels4Sure we treat you like a real person, not a computer algorithm. You’ll get a brand new car with an affordable deal and could help rebuild your credit rating!*

Puppy Training

Be a well-trained owner, with a well-trained puppy and Clean up with this FREE Pouch for your pooch

Restaurant recommendation letter

I know you are in love with seafood and I have discovered the perfect restaurant for us to meet, the ambience is just what you and I adore, and I can’t recommend it highly enough.

Property Sales Description

Forget the Mediterranean coast, and invest in Scarborough, Yorkshire’s finest resort. Get in before the boom pushes prices up!

The 7Selves System To Build a Team

The 7Selves system is a daily guide to assist and positively enhance management, staff or workforce alike.


The Chao Phraya River is an iconic symbol of Bangkok and a life-giver to Thailand’s various provinces through which it flows.
Building Sky Scrapers without a crane