A bit about Brian George - life and writing.

Brian George - Author

Writer Bio – Brian’s Extensive Experience.

  • Contractual & Commercial Letters
    My experience has been honed over many years. My early career was in construction & engineering. I started in procurement and my writing skills helped gain promotions to more senior positions as Contracts Surveyor and Contracts Manager. Eventually the company would delegate any writing tasks my way.
  • Technical Author
    As regulations in the industry changed I would be asked to write detailed instructions in the form of Method and Risk Assessments for Health & Safety and Environmental papers. Then Specifications and estimates led to.
  • Bid Writing
  • Quality Assurance Manuals
  • Reports Writer
  • Minute Taker
  • Drawings and Illustrations

My entrepreneurial bent took me into my own company start-ups, and I had to quickly learn how to present estimates, proposals and sales presentations. My business consultancy work as Agent for International Manufacturers took me further and further abroad. I would establish new companies to suit their requirements and tax arrangements. I eventually became a ‘one-stop-shop’ for my clients encompassing all their writing requirements along with running their Projects.

  • Author/Novelist

My work often left me to spend much alone time in Hotels, Apartments or Construction Camps. I had always been an avid reader and I naturally evolved into writing and publishing adventures and observations of the people and places along the way.

  • Freelance Copywriter

Changes inevitably came after the financial crash and oil price fluctuations delayed new plant construction. My overseas market fell away. I returned to the UK and took more courses in many other variants of the Copywriting business with the American Writers and Artists Inc. I passed tests with them and am constantly updating my knowledge. I still occasionally get work in my early niche of Engineering, LNG, Oil & Petrochemical, and Property Investing.

  • Content Writer

My self-marketing has seen me morph into some new areas, where I’m getting some great work. I am sympathetic to current trends in green issues, and have also trained in some alternative therapies, yoga and meditation. I’ve recently written content for websites in Health & Wellness, Organic Dog Food, Energy Healing and Yoga. I also do Property Coaching with a business partner, where we offer other advice via YouTube.

My empathy as an energy healer, and meditator has given me a natural leaning towards alternative health and wellness website content. The new age has increased the awareness of Quantum Mechanics and I have researched and studied many allied sciences.

I used to insist on meeting my clients in person but now I do any briefings over Zoom or Skype.

I write emotional copy to entice, & increase your sales.

I adjust my writing to your voice.

My style is simple, concise and conversational.

Clients and Friends say:


  • Educated in life in the East End of London, a proud Cockney always up for anything and travels anywhere when he can! 
  • I was an Industrial  Engineering Construction Specialist who went where other writers wouldn’t.
  • I am a verified copywriter by the American Writers and Artists Inc. (AWAI) and a recognized Member of The Professional Writers Alliance. 
  • I gained English Language awards from Oxford University examiners and from the Royal Society of Arts. 
  • My experience & expertise in Construction & Engineering earned me a B.Sc in Engineering Management from the Trust Forte Corpn. of New York.