Lockdown Poems: Human Beings – Beauties or Beasts?

The hedgerows and the trees,

stand silent in the breeze

the warm silent sun

brings out the bees,

whose buzz abounds,

as Spring unfolds,

the footpaths come to life

and despite the distance rules,

people and dogs are rife.


The laws dictate to walk,

apart, which most obey,

signs of other ills bite us

as we go along the way,

exposed by the detritus

of discarded muck and bags,

left by the arrogance

of the lazy and the slags,

whose ignorance

sours the environments

needs and requirements.


Angered and annoyed,

my mild demeanour wonders

how easy it is to carry

half-mile to a bin I ponder,

one bag of shit when bins abound,

for the crap of their hounds.


One walk a day, I’m let,

across the paths and fields

instead of natural beauty, all I get

are bottles, cans and bilge.

Do farmers laugh I feel,

when crops are threshed,

and farm machines ravage,

not the wheat from the chaff

but, the dogshit from the cabbage.