A Friendly Tree Spirit called out to me!

Whilst walking along the path of the cricket field at the back of my house, I kept getting a feeling of being pulled by my left arm, off the path and to look at this the largest tree across the park. I ignored the feeling a few times on my way past but eventually succumbed and walked across some 500 metres of grass to face the tree. In a small area, about my height up the face, there is a heart shaped knot free of bark. It drew me in and I had to place my hand there.

I immediately had the sensation of being instructed to look behind me to the left slightly and about 10 metres back to where there was a younger, smaller tree. I was immediately shocked to see hanging from one of the branches of the smaller tree a blue rope, with an ominously ugly noose formed at the base, about 1 meter off the ground.

The noose was clipped by a rusty old pulley hook and was so obviously dangerous to any young kids likely to play there, as they often did, that I took the instructions from my older tree very seriously, and went to inspect and attempt to remove it. On inspection the rope was looped around a high branch, probably some 5 metres above me.

The rope was over the branch and looped into another pulley hook, and I wondered how I would be able to remove it. I tugged at it and all my first efforts pointed to having to use all my strength to break the branch by yanking it back far enough to split the branch from the trunk of this smaller tree. Just as I was scratching my head and trying to come up with a plan, I looked back at the large old Oak, which seemed to tell me to continue yanking at the rope.

I turned back and made one more pull, and as if by magic the other rusty hook flipped open and sprung first upwards as if being thrown off the branch, then coiled itself safely at my feet. Amazed I turned to the big oak and muttered a thank you prayer in a nod to the tree spirit.

I coiled up the course blue rope and looked again at the pulley hooks, wondering at the power of the universe sometimes, shook my head and walked back across the field, out through the kissing gates by the ancient church and placed the offending rope into a municipal waste bin, deep enough not to be seen and far enough away, out of sight of any kids looking to play with ropes in the playing field.

Now, every time I walk that field, or look out of my back window, I cannot help but acknowledge the old Oak tree and the spirit that demanded my help. That freaked me out slightly that Sunday afternoon, and brought me closer to the new beliefs, the messages and synchronicity that come when you start to let go.

N.B. No trees were hurt in the making of this blog!