Sitting in the shade of a Quarter Moon

Quarter Moon - Poetry by Brian George

Sitting in the shade of a quarter moon, praying for redemption for the human goons who are still ignoring the mention of viral catastrophe coming.   I’m sleeping late and wondering where they get their brains and social skills while plundering the supermarket lanes of bog rolls and supplies. Elbowing their way to the front […]

Lockdown Poems: Human Beings – Beauties or Beasts?

Poetry by Brian George

The hedgerows and the trees, stand silent in the breeze the warm silent sun brings out the bees, whose buzz abounds, as Spring unfolds, the footpaths come to life and despite the distance rules, people and dogs are rife.   The laws dictate to walk, apart, which most obey, signs of other ills bite us […]

Into the Mystical night

Into the mystical night Grows the half-moon light And shields the creatures In the fields and hollows While the only features that shows those ways are black and white and hide in the banks of the cutting while the others wake for rutting. The morrow risings glow asunder burrow up from under, while seeking the […]

Numbers and I

Brian George - Author

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