The universal power of Meditation

I have been meditating on and off since my youth, when I just read about its beneficial effects, and I was going through my ‘hippy’ phase. My Father had died young, on his 49th birthday of Hypertension that became uncontrollable and on reading that it was quite possibly hereditary I studied a book called “The Relaxation Response” by Herbert Benson M.D., a renowned doctor of the Harvard Medical School. This book suggested that a form of meditation, of just emptying the mind and relaxing for simply 10 minutes twice a day would have a high beneficial effect on stress and blood pressure patients.

I never took any lessons in meditation then, even through the riotous era when the Beatles introduced the Maharishi Mahesh Yogi to us youth of the western world. I did attempt to continue after reading more about Tibetan Yogis feats of telepathy and Yogic flying, but my lifestyle then wasn’t conducive to successful ‘oneness with my higher self’ being as how most of my out of body experiences then were down to the more chemical effects of Amphetamines & Lysergic Acid. (Read about these experiences in my book The Dream Team pages 45-56)

However, I did come back to occasional meditation attempts a few times, there was an Indian visiting teacher that gave private lessons which I attended for a while, who taught me the power of the ‘Om’ as a mantra, although he pronounced it more like ‘Home.’ I knew what he meant. On & off I practised but without any discipline, until my spell of living and working in Thailand introduced me again to the ritual chanting of the monks at various temples that I visited and at blessings at funerals, visits to an Ashram got me more into Buddhism. I had always risen early in the mornings and took to sitting in a half-lotus position staring at a Buddha statue and repeating the Om silently in my head, while casting my mind back to an idyllic image of a southern France sunset, on the beach of La Lavandou, the line of light resting on the calm Mediterranean sea, an image which still calms me today. I did this meditation of my own creation every morning for a few years, until my life circumstances became topsy-turvy and the financial crash of the 2000’s, had the effect of losing most of my property and money!

At that point in my life, the more telepathic and sentient side of me that meditation had brought out started to have an effect. It was at that low point again, when sometimes out of despair even, that ideas would just come into my head or music or words in a book would guide me. When I needed it, something came to me? A thought would tell me out of the blue to make a phone call and a job would be offered. In such a way I was introduced to Migi, who initially just chatted to me about my book, but also pointed me on-line to the guided “Meditation on Twin Hearts” by Master Choa Kok Sui. Then in India, a skype conversation with her brought on a distance healing of a large sore blister on my big toe. This kind of freaked me out and of course my inquisitive nature led me to want to know more. I didn’t need to worry about how as whatever I did to attempt to get home to the UK from India, led me to Manila, where the basic course of Pranic Healing was to be held. Something was guiding me, my best pal in the UK prompted me to meet up with him in Manila when I was finished in India, the flights from Mumbai were all full but flights from Manila to the UK were cheapest and had plenty of room. It seemed crazy that I had to fly from Mumbai to Manila, via Bangkok to get home, but as my pal was encouraging me to have some much-needed R &R, I went along with it. That was how I met Migi and was introduced to Pranic Healing, the teachings of Master Choa Kok Sui and became, eventually an Arhatic Yogi!

As part of my becoming Arhatic, I have a discipline of daily different guided meditations and the effect of these on my prescience, telepathy and energy transference in healing has been nothing short of phenomenal. I am studying more of the esoteric sciences these days and so many books out ‘there’ confirm these teachings and align them with science. I did a course on Dowsing recently and this also has some crossovers with the teachings of Master Choa and Quantum Physics. Who am I to question the Universal Power now, I just give in to it and listen, witness my previous blog about the tree spirit? Another great book that explains this link with Quantum theory is “Dowse Your Way to Psychic Power” by Anthony Talmage.

Now I only have a thought of a person during my meditation and they get in touch with me. I might get a text message on my phone or an email. Six years of the discipline of a daily meditation has unleashed in me skills that must have been dormant but are present in all of us. I can only encourage more people to practise a daily meditation. Go on-line and join a guided “Meditation on Twin Hearts,” join a Pranic Healing Group or any other self-realisation group that teaches a form of Kriya Yoga and if you follow the disciplines you will also become an Arhat and your sentience, prescience, telepathy or even as a medium will come to the fore. This is why we are Soul Writers; Our creative energy comes from those practices. It can be uncanny or weird sometimes but its not harmful, it’s the power of love.